Welcome to my meek but very own wine writer’s site. Compared to others, this portal may be as bare as vines on Saint Vincent’s day, but it’s a snug place, quickly referencing vinous thoughts from the vineyard to the virtual world.

It’s a little virtual nook for me as a wine writer to jot and post anything wine-related that comes to mind.

Over 20 years ago, I fell head over heels in love with wine, although I grew up in beer country (not on Trappist, mind you, but on the heel of the best bread in Belgium – my father’s). I took up wine-writing as a paying hobby – and an excuse to buy far too expensive bottles of wine. Now I write for a number of publications, occasionally appear on TV.

When I’m not busy at the Delicata winery, I run my own online wine school: Wine Campus. Teaching is gratifying, but most of all I love to express my individual take, or a different angle on wine.

Meanwhile my peers have bestowed a laurel (or two) upon me. I even received some flattering book awards for ‘Wines of Malta’ (which got me the nickname ‘The Voice of Maltese Wines’) and ‘Cleanskin’. All that’s explained in a resume couched in the third-person singular to make an impression on editors and publishers. Lol!

I prefer to jot, reword, mull over, change, print off and rewrite vinous thoughts that come to mind – over and over again. Unsurprisingly, I no longer try to keep a mature, daily blog (which I always have found to be too a volatile affair) and I better don’t make any false promises here to regularly post ‘pressing matters hot off the vine’.

My split-sized, mini-blog simply serves as a handy digital resort for things related to wine which come to my mind and might be worth sharing.

Live your Wine!