Been 2 Elia


GM: quick lunch, January 2014: 86/100 – Elia is that little hide-away in Valletta serving genuine Greek snacks, bites and dishes.  The pita is superb and has a soft, chewy texture. It comes pocketless and extremely affordable leaving some change for a glass of Greek Evais dry red wine  by Loudas Winery: a Greek on steroids but a tick too alcoholic. Oppah!


Musically paired with: Vicky Mosholiou- Ta-Deilina. I’ve always felt love for every place I have lived at, always hoping it would change for the better. Yet,  when hope disperses, at nightfall, I hear a soft voice telling me to move on. Why that whisper always sounds like Greek to me, I don’t know…

Elia, 73, Merchant Street,Valletta, Malta

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