Been 2 la Frégate

Left Banke

GM: quick lunch, with The Brick, June 2014: 92/100 – There are still some real institutions in this world and brasserie La Frégate, set up in a building where d’Artagnan used to live, is one of them in the world of good eating. Frescoed ceilings, Louis XVI chairs, white linen dressed tables and large windows with views of the Seine – and then my daughter, me and French cuisine. Bliss!


Musically paired with: Walk Away Renee, by one-hit-wonder The Left Banke. Waiters and sailors would do battle hand in hand as long as there’s plenty of wine to go round. I don’t know who would walk away and desert first, but I hope it’s not the old-timer at La Frégate pouring me a little something from that pichet, possibly from the Left Bank.

La Frégate, Café Brasserie 1, rue du Bac, angle 35 quai Voltaire – 75007 Paris

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