Been 2 Le Meurice


GM: Me showing off Maltese wines, February 2015: priceless – Experiencing Paris by mouth usually includes plenty of Champagne but nothing beats opening award-winning Maltese wines  to serve them at – no not Crystal Palce, Rabat – but Le Meurice, Paris alongside Malta’s snack par excellence, or so-called gourmet pastizzi. It’s just exquisite joy — the joy of being me (sorry Salv). Feeling like a millionaire. Who would have thought?!


Musically paired with: Eric Clapton – Autumn Leaves 2010.  If it were midnight in Paris, and he were to string along, this is how it would sound, melancholic and softly spoken against a dark and rainy sky outside past my glass of NV Lanson Champagne Selection Alain Ducasse Brut which is sat on the piano at Le Meurice’s Bar 228 with me dreaming off.

Le Meurice, Rue de Rivoli, 228, Paris, France.

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