Been 2 Luciano Restaurant


GM: quick Sunday lunch, February 2013: 89/100 – Climb up the restaurant’s stairs, walk through the wormhole-time-room and there you are: a setting typical of Malta some 50 years ago. The Medina Rosé Grenache Syrah wasn’t of the latest 2012 vintage either, but still surprisingly fresh after 13 months in bottle. It matched well with the grilled salmon on a creme and tomato sauce dotted with prawns.

Musically paired with: Margie Joseph – Punish Me, 1971. An Italian interpretation of this song would sound great at Luciano’s (and sound infinitely better than all R&B samplings of Margie’s 70s hits; the worst being Salt-N-Pepa’s version!)

Luciano Restaurant 21, Merchant Street, Valletta, Malta

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