Eyes on Chef Shane Delia

Eyes are on celebrity chef Shane Delia whose new TV show aired in Australia on 2nd May 2013. It was shot extensively on the Maltese Islands and in the Middle East.

The series is called Spice Journey and takes us on a culinary pilgrimage to explore his heritage and discover food traditions that go back thousands of years.

I first heard about the show when Shane was over in Malta shooting on location. But I’ve been following Shane for longer and really love his unique take on traditional recipes and his dynamic sense of Maltese heritage. Or, as he once told me:

“Yes, (…) it is time for change. There hasn’t been a revolution in Maltese food for centuries. Maybe if we started remembering who we are, as opposed to who the rest of Europe believes we should  be, we might just  elevate our global position and be remembered for more than our contributions in times of war.”

Shane’s passion for food was born at an early age from his food-loving family. Like me he comes from four generations of bakers. His Maltese family history is a true testament to his passion for food; the Delia family crest ‘fortis et hospitalis’ meaning ‘strength in hospitality’, originates from his grape-growing ancestors where food was not just a meal but also a way of life.

But it was Shane’s classical French training and creative flair that saw him, at 22 years of age, the head chef at Chateau Yering (Yarra Valley), known locally and internationally as one of Victoria’s best regional hotels.

With his Mediterranean background, his classical culinary training and his understanding of Middle Eastern cuisine and culture taken from his Australian-Lebanese wife, Shane’s menu is exciting, tasty and something new for Melbourne’s dining culture to discover.

Since opening his flagship restaurant ‘Maha’ (named after his wife) Shane has appeared on many TV cooking shows, including regular segments on ‘David and Kim’s 9am’ on Network 10 and the channel’s daytime TV hit ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’.

Watch Shane Delia’s Spice Journey on SBS ONE, if you can.

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