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The Snaps

Alex Bond’s pictures which I may feature here are testimonials to the beauty of the land, Pemberton Wine Region in Western Australia.  Some compositions and distances between his lens and the vinescape seem to suggest a rather objective stance. At first glance it all seems too pretty, too mundane – like recreational sailing, doesn’t it?

Well, almost that is, were it not that quite often his photos actually reveal a premeditated message which has been shot with a subtle understated frankness. So, if you think the images are just beautiful photographs of vines, look again but with a different eye. Some are so well timed that they are just little short of a misleading optical illusion behind which the real message lies.

I best describe his style as one that is somewhat documentary. Yet, at the same time I find Bond’s approach on occasion no less akin to street photography but with a difference of course. Alex Bond has his rangefinder stuck in vine tendrils not street  lamps, lanterns and bollards. I love how he offsets the organic shape or the landscape by borrowing nature’s geometric forms and inviting them into the frame.

Maybe it’s faux pas to analyse Alex’ images, but by moving your perspective slightly, you might find a whole new story. In know; I did.

About Alex Bond

Alex Bond is a full-time landscape photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. Since 1989, under the imprint of Stormlight Publishing, he has captured and immortalised Western Australia’s environment in many published cards, posters, calendars and books.

These vineyard and winery photographs from Pemberton, an emerging cool climate wine region, are also featured in Bond’s book ‘Pemberton Wine Region Western Australia’ which was nominated for two Gourmand Awards in 2009.

Bond works with both digital and film formats, and still maintains a traditional ‘wet’ darkroom. He is also keen to share his knowledge through workshops and regularly appears as a guest speaker on photography. He is currently working on a new publication and his exhibition prints can be viewed at www.alexbond.com.au.

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  1. I think it’s wonderful. Like taking a tour. Would like to see video shorts of the process or interviews, especially with that Meekers fella.

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