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The Snaps

I don’t doubt that a single photograph can command the kind of sustained attention often given to individual paintings or memorable sculptures and I’m sure that professional photographer Alex Rubin has what it takes to capture not one but several such singular images.

However, the few vinous snaps I have chosen to feature are not that kind, not intended to bend the frame; they don’t take you through the looking-glass and down the rabbit hole. Looking at them is simply a pleasing and delightful activity, not complex. Presented in a dreamy sense, they are moments of pleasure unalloyed.

Alex doesn’t portray vines on rolling hills as the anchor of life. Nor does he offer a cellar nook you go to for solace. At least not in these pictures. They don’t stuff your face with wine’s romance wrapped up in art film cellophane served on a silver plate.

I feel that in most of his shots, he doesn’t try to pull us by the nose spatially up-close to the subject either. Yet the proximity is just close enough, precise and comfortable enough so that whatever is in the centre of the viewfinder borrows the genuine extension of our sympathies.

Alex Rubin is a young and yet very diverse wine and commercial photographer who masters many different photographic disciplines. Perhaps it is his fresh mind, his manifoldness as a photographer that holds him back from projecting moth-eaten Old World archetypes and European patriarchy about vignerons, cellars and wine bottles. Just as well.

I truly love his pictures because they radiate a different temperature of the wine experience: the coolness of the wine rush in the blue-skied American West with its denim threads and rivets, designer drapery of agrarian longings, rich life and drink with even fewer clouds when shot in black and white.

Sometimes blue is the warmest colour.

About Alex Rubin

Alex Rubin is an award-winning editorial and commercial photographer specialising in wine and winery photography with a creative style consisting of colourful and energetic imagery.

Working out from in his beloved Napa, California, no project is either too small or too big. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business has given Alex the opportunity to work with international wine publications as well as Fortune 500 companies including Starbucks and Boeing. He photographs unsung heroes with the same gusto he shoots celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and prominent winemakers including Paul Draper, Jean Charles Boisset and Julien Fayard whom he has all worked with.

Alex’s style is a combination of fine art, editorial and lifestyle photography. Judging by his professional portfolio and more organic Instagram postings, the camera is the least important element in his arsenal. Thanks to his talent and job instincts he clicks at the right aperture and from all the right angles to leave a visual impression in print and online.

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  1. Good call Georges. Alex your work is excellent, but the Jean-Charles Boisset shot is brilliant – nourish without the pinot so to speak.

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