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A man’s got to take a lot of punishment so he can take a really different picture of a plate, some cutlery and a bottle of wine.

American food, wine and travel photographer Fred Minnick has been there, knows all and can pull off a few illusory sleight-of-hand moves of his own to present food and drink in a magical way, inspiring envy in the next generation of aspiring food shooters.

His food images are not simply mouth-watering. He also brings about an emotional purpose, often by bringing in that little extra other photographers overlook.

Little feels staged. All is sparse yet swells like a never-ending narrative. Though there is always elsewhere, people sitting for Fred do not think of hurrying over there. His photos of wine and people around it come across as true at first light, invitingly beautiful, in an inimitable two-way fashion. It’s one of dialogue on either side of the lens, between reaching-out and silence. In between, nothing important is explicit but everything explicitly joyous.

Fred not just adds a human element to help establish context and create a sense of involvement.  In his work he generously shares a glimpse of the life of the people who love to craft, serve the dish and drink wine.

Everyone is invited to partake and delight in the visual feast he captures so well. No matter how narrow, tight and straightforward he frames it, Minnick approaches with an open regard and always leaves ample room for the viewer to step an tuck in.

Is Fred Minnick the latter-day Ernest Hemingway of food and drink photography? An exaggerated curvature of a simile to make clear that the man with the lens is an infallible poignant stylist. Either that or he surreptitiously eats and drinks all his mistakes. Cheese, cheers and smile – how could you not!

About Fred Minnick
Fred Minnick is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, independent journalist and award-winning photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

He picked up photography along the way of his writing career and has shot with a Nikon in one hand and an M-16 in the other, and got away alive to tell the tale.

Having traded Iraq’s hell for the delights of celebrity chefs’ heaven, rich wine cellars and plush clubs, Fred Minnick now captures the peaceful world of food, wine and spirits in words and photos for Saveur, Wine Enthusiast, Whisky Advocate and many others.

In 2012, he was a finalist for the Pink Lady International Food Photographer of the Year and the Louis Roederer International Wine Writer of the Year. Fred Minnick is also a member of the American Society of Journalists & Authors and Editorial Photographers.


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