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Gucci School of Wine

A word of caution for my readership is in order. Frankly, when I graduated from wine writing school, I must have taken the wrong turning. Instead of walking the sign “this way for super-expensive stuff”, I went down the alley marked “what most people would wish to drink”.

For the majority of us – including me – the world’s most expensive wines will forever remain topics of great conversation rather than real, regular taste experiences.

If you wish to read about the first and second growths, you are better off corresponding with Bill Gates. Of course, I know of and have tasted (some of) these “unforgettable unaffordables”. But more often I will be grovelling around not in Gucci but in the Doctor Martens league of wines.

I promise you a thing or two, though. I don’t write hypothetical tasting notes detailing what I think a wine might have tasted if I had the money to buy it. And, secondly, there are plenty of other interesting wines for me to report on to get your taste buds attention!

Free Bunch

Here’s a bunch of articles about the wines of Malta or myself, some are written by me, others by fellow wine writers. They’re free for all.  Click on the link to literally flip through them. I will regularly update this section.

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