Kit Davril Fixes Corked Wine

GlassesQuebec, 04.01.2013

Researchers have unveiled their ‘Kit Davril’, a revolutionary product to fix a bottle of corked wine named after the head of the scientist team, Dr. Kitron Davril, a professor of wine chemistry at Laval University, Quebec, Canada.

This affordable and easy to use invention will not only eradicate the musty smell and the bad flavours of a TCA-tainted bottle of wine. But, as wine experts present at the launch commented: “This very effective ‘little powder-like genie in a bottle’ will also put a stop to the ceaseless cork debate”.

It consists basically of a ground mix of organic polymers of high molecular mass most commonly derived from petrochemicals but partially natural which is infused with aromatic particles of the Eureka fruit, colloquially known as the supermarket lemon.

The product, or what looks like frosted powder in a jar, just needs to be dusted around the foul-scented bottle of wine immediately after it has been uncorked. It never comes in contact with the wine itself. The powder is extremely potent in the presence of alcohol but remains odorous to humans. It simply needs to be sprinkled around the punt of the contaminated bottle of wine within a radius of 10 cm for it to turn palatable again.

The research basically started out by examining imperfect solutions and applying controversial winemaking techniques to anything but grapes.

After 3 years of intense research and design the research group has managed to extract the crucial components from the basic building blocks using cryoextraction. The various vital properties are then bonded by using centrifugal forces and spinning cone technology before oak dust is finally added to bind all the materials together prior to packaging.

The fix is a welcome solution for numerous desperate wine lovers wanting to salvage their spoiled wine. Until now they were left to try old wives’ cures such as squirting lemon juice into their glass of wine (which usually helps to lessen but which does not get rid of all the TCA scent). Another clumsy home remedy is submerging a ball of wrapped-up cling film or food wrap into the wine. The culprit molecule in infected corks, 2,4,6-trichloroanisole, is chemically similar to polyethylene and sticks in fact to the plastic. So, it is possible to partially remove the obnoxious, dank flavour of a corked wine, which usually renders it unusable even in cooking,  by pouring the wine into a bowl with a sheet of plastic wrap. However, the method is messy and far from perfect.

The new product, on the contrary, works wonders and is set to sell like hotcakes. Unfortunately, It shall not be distributed in Europe or the USA anytime soon before Christmas 2013. Anxious wine lovers may pre-order their personal Kit Davril, though, at the nominal cost of 9,10 CAD through the site until midnight today.

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