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Nice Nose AidForgive my sappy honesty here… But I seem to have reached a rite of passage or simply matured enough to realise that the world doesn’t revolve around me and my vinous escapades.

The time has come for me to give a tiny wee bit back to the community; pay a little forward perhaps but not because I have I ever felt that I have taken anything from anyone.  Neither do I think that I need to give in order to boost my pride, contribute out of godly obedience or to ease any sense of guilt. I wish to give since it feels right and because I can.

I realise that – setting aside that corked bottle of Richebourg the other night – all in all I have been fortunate so far, professionally and in my personal life, notwithstanding I didn’t make Forbes’ top 100 richest people list by a mile.  However, charitable giving doesn’t always have to be monetary and big ideas can start small, at home. I want to help others do what I can’t do directly but believe is worth supporting.

I shall try to raise funds for a good cause by doing what I like doing best, by “putting my nose to work”. So,  I raise a glass with you to the inception of what I call my “Nice Nose Aid”. Later this year, I shall take time out to organise and host a special wine tasting session in Malta of which all proceeds are donated to a charitable organisation. A budding start, which may flourish and bear fruit.

I find it a challenge, though, to decide which organisation should be on the receiving end. Should I help the environmental group that just knocked on the door, the police association that called to ask for my support or the children’s charity that sent that awful letter with a heart-wrenching picture of an orphan?

What charities are deserving of support is a value-ladened decision and I don’t wish to rely solely on my personal values. Therefore I’m asking you to help me choose the right cause to donate to.

The procedure is straightforward.

  • First ‘Like’ this post or ‘Jot It Forward’ (below).
  • Then click on the link to nominate your charity.
  • After the closing date of 7th June 2013, I’ll shortlist those entries that I can associate myself with.
  • I’ll open a poll on this site to determine the final one beneficiary of the ‘Nice Nose Aid’ wine tasting later this year, 2013.

Who knows, being charitable might become another habit. As long as I get to nose a nice glass of wine, I’ll promise I won’t kick it easily!

Click to Nominate Your Charity

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  1. Thank you for liking this initiative. Don’t forget to nominate the charity of your choice by clicking the button on top that leads you to the quick submisssion form.

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