Plink-Planck & Weinstein

Plink-Planck & Weinstein: a quantum theory of flavour recognition


For long, researchers explained that smell is detected in the nose by picking up the very shape of odorant molecules. Different shaped molecules were said to fit like a key into corresponding, matching detector molecules in the nose.  A match acts as a key opening a lock and sends signals to the brain, we were told.

But, now a very different explanation for smell and flavour, based on the early work of Max Planck,  Albert Einstein and other scientists in the field of quantum physics is gaining traction. The idea remains controversial. But scientists are saying that the real key is not a physical shape but tiny packets of energy, or quanta, lost by electrons.

Here’s a link (click image) to a podcast that introduces the quantum theory of aroma and flavour recognition which can no longer be dismissed as Plink-Planck and Weinstein waffle.


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