Swirling Notes with Carrie Haber

Swirling Notes with Carrie Haber, a spunky Maltese but London-based singer-songwriter and pianist.  It’s Cabernet and Taurus, her first EP produced with the help of Grammy award winner Steve Orchard.

Carrie Haber

I’d Rather Die

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The Notes
  • Track: I’d Rather Die
  • Album: Taurus, 2012
  • Artist: Carrie Haber

Pivoting around 1982 in Wine and Music

Although only in her mid-twenties, Carrie Haber makes her mark as an enigmatic chanteuse with artistic integrity.  With her EP debut ‘Taurus’ she shows off a sharp mind for composing and a soulful heart.

But, to anyone whose music library goes back to the vinyl ages, Carrie’s sound and tone on the track ‘I’d Rather Die’ will bring back fond memories of the great female pop vocalists of that bygone era. Kate Bush who launched my favourite album of hers ‘The Dreaming’ in 1982 comes to mind and with that, to anyone like me who loves wine, the most significant wine vintage of the last century.

The year is 1982.

Similar to the music scene, the wine business, too, is still a much guarded world. Great wine is synonymous with claret, Burgundy and celebratory Champagne. A handful of brands such as Carlo Rossi, Mateus, Blue Nun and Piat d’Or can capture a fair slice of the low-end market. There’s little excitement in-between. Punk has been muffled. Prince is still to exert any royal influence on modern pop when kids around the globe either moonwalk to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ or hop to new synthesised pop of Boy George and Wham! With ‘Under Pressure’ sample-based dance music joins rock in the mainstream.

Enter independent band The Smiths and, coincidentally on the other side of the Atlantic, as it were their vinous equivalent Robert M. Parker Junior, an indie wine critic who almost sacrilegious praises the 1982 Bordeaux vintage through the roof.  Like The Smiths,   concise, punchy and brash, go on inspiring a thousand indie bands, Parker’s zeal is so infectious that it inspires a whole new generation of newbie’s to nosedive into the ocean of wine.

Producers of song and wine follow suit; experiments thrive and fuel the excitement in the coming decennia. With the benefit of hindsight, 1982 is a clear dividing line between the end of the old way of making and thinking about music and wine, and a new way that, for better or worse, defines our time.

Nowadays, we tend to take for granted the recording artists and bottles that were unimaginable in 1982. But, there is a long list of new wine regions and grape varieties that have emerged since and have gained popularity – or not. Commercial Britpop may have airbrushed The Smiths and later Morrissey out of the picture. And, Parker, once Emperor of Wine, may have fallen from grace, succumbed to the establishment and alienated the unaffiliated blogosphere.

However, it all goes back to the 1982 Bordeaux vintage and those great craftsmen and artists that since try to cut a new rut and set changes in motion. The talented and original Carrie Haber might very well be the next best thing!

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