Swirling Notes with Ronnie

Swirling Notes with Ronnie Busuttil, musical centipede and frontman of mainly but not exclusively ‘The Flying Alligators’, probably Malta’s greatest 90s band.

Ronnie Busuttil

It Had To Happen

Sunset Storm

The Notes
  • Track: It Had To Happen
  • Album: Sunset Storm, 1992
  • Artist: Flying Alligators
1991-92 in Wine

At the time of the Flying Alligators furore in Malta, peaking in 1991 when they backed superstar Joe Cocker, and in 1992 which was the year the band released their CD Sunset Storm, the ‘French paradox’ was aired on TV in the United States on ’60 Minutes‘.

The French paradox is the observation of low coronary heart disease  death rates in France despite high intake of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat thanks to the consumption of red wine.

The controversial news that red wine decreases the incidence of cardiac diseases made the consumption of red wine in the US increase by 44% and some wine sellers began promoting their products as “health food”.

Alas, health claims of the so-called French Paradox may have been overblown, and the Flying Alligators called it a day soon after when their record deal with A&M records in London got blown off last-minute. Ronnie rocks on!

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