Georges’ University Wine Course

Georges’ University Wine Course comprises the highly popular wine series Meekers first delivered at the historic premises of Malta’s Old University Building in Valletta.

“online, expertly tutored, lifetime access,  in English and certified upon completion”

Now available online, the 15 lessons come supported by several resources such as video clips, podcasts, wine maps, grape glossaries, extra reading material, interaction with fellow students, quizzes, short assignments and home wine tasting tasks.

The 15 topics cover the history of wine, grape varieties and viticulture, the winemaking process, major wine regions and labelling regulations, wine styles and types, the art of tasting wine and much more.

Why this wine course?

Don’t get left behind when it comes to wine

  • How much do you really know about wine’s vast history and ever-changing trends?
  • Is a lack of understanding holding you back from getting the most from your green bottles?
  • Do you wish to see through all the wine myths and stories that are being repeated ad nauseam about wine?
  • Do you like to become confident enough to share in the conversation at wine tasting events?
  • Do you want to choose more exciting wines beyond the ones that you already know?

Learn from a true wine professional

Georges Meekers is an award-winning wine writer, member of the Circle of Wine Writers (UK), wine columnist for a national newspaper, wine lecturer and founder of the wine school Wine Campus. He gets invited as a keynote public speaker at wine trade conferences. As a ‘wine ambassador’ he has accompanied diplomatic missions such as the Maltese MEP delegation to the EU parliament. Georges provides in-flight catering wine advice, has suggested wines for state dinners, and remains actively involved in daily winery operations.

Have fun while you learn

Georges will share his extensive professional knowledge and trade secret shortcuts so you can taste wine like a professional at home, decipher labels and winespeak, sniff out the best bottles and deals on store shelves or wine lists wherever you are with confidence, and avoid the most common wine pitfalls. Using practical examples, Georges will give you the confidence to feel like a wine expert in any situation.

An essential life skill

The US now drinks more wine than France. In the UK wine has overtaken beer as the nations favourite drink. Asia is witnessing a revolution in wine as China and India’s growing middle class sip more of what was once considered an elite European drink. Wine is now becoming the drink of choice for much of the world so understanding wine is quickly becoming an essential life skill for success in business or social situations.

What is special about this course?

  • You gain direct access to wine professional Georges Meekers.
  • You will tap into the knowledge bank of an award-winning wine writer and member of the Circle of Wine Writers UK.
  • You will learn how to taste wine like a professional and get individual feedback from a seasoned wine judge.
  • You get a lifetime subscription to the course material and its regular updates.
  • You do not need to beachcomb the Internet but find all you need to know about wine here in one place.
  • You will debunk wine myths which regrettably happen to be repeated erroneously by too many other people.
  • You will avoid the most common pitfalls of studying about wine and save time doing so.
  • You can access the wine classes at your own pace 24/7.
  • You will receive a coveted certificate issued by Wine Campus upon successful completion.

Who is it for?

  • This course would suit everyone interested in learning about wine. However, it is aimed at beginners who really want to take the subject seriously.
  • It is equally suitable for professionals seeking wine knowledge for their business occupation and individuals looking to learn about wine for their social life.
  • Anyone beyond the initial stages of learning about wine and who is aiming to gain a more advanced understanding and deeper insight will find this course very valuable.

What are the requirements?

  • A fair knowledge of English, the language of this course, is required.
  • No existing wine knowledge is needed.
  • Students are encouraged to taste different wines throughout this course.
  • No specialist equipment is required beyond wine glasses and a corkscrew.
  • The cost of the wine samples is not included in the tuition fee.

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