Wine Campus

Wine Campus ™ is a small, private wine school I have founded in the late 1990s and still proudly run. Let me at WINE CAMPUS (click the link) empower you to assess the value of an argument when it comes to the divine nectar.

The wine academy offers mainly one-on-one wine tuition over the Internet, or what is known as distance learning. I facilitate novice oenophiles and aspiring wine professionals from around the globe, often living in remote areas or simply with busy time tables, to follow self-paced interactive wine courses. Here, you can sign up for the popular and critically acclaimed “Georges’ University Wine Course”.

Googling wine can be fun but relying on a secret algorithm to index, sort and rank information into a simulacrum of ‘knowledge’ is not quite the same thing as the kind of study or learning experience I wish to share with you.

Come join me, will you?

Live your Wine!