Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

Malta’s 100 + Club’s principal members are the country’s wineries Delicata and Marsovin.

Combined Delicata and Marsovin enjoy the bragging right to have over 100 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and Commendations under their winemaker’s belt. But why aim at making a century when you can go for cricket scores, right?

To date (May 2015) the total count stands at 141 awards of which 65 were won since the inception of the appellation system in 2007. Delicata has amassed the most and their Grand Vin de Hauteville brand is Malta’s most internationally awarded label. The fully sparkling wine Cassar de Malta is Marsovin’s most consistent medal winner.

As I try to compose what turns out to be a long roll of honour of Maltese wines that have been bestowed with an award at prestigious wine tasting competitions, I wonder and ask myself if any of the other small wine-producing islands in the Med can boast of the same success?

How about Ischia and Capri in the Bay of Naples, the Balearic Islands Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, or Sardinia and Corsica?  I’m inclined to think the Maltese archipelago is on form, especially considering the fact that, unlike Malta, all these other islands have a large mother-country with incredibly large marketing budgets to help promote their wines.

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